Top Museums in Pittsburgh

Top Museums in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is a mecca of unique museums and places to visit – sometimes making it hard to decide what to do with a free afternoon. Luckily, we have compiled a list of a few of the top museums in Pittsburgh that you may have been overlooking this whole time!

Bicycle Heaven

Bicycle Heaven is every bicycle enthusiast’s dream. They offer information about every antique bicycle part, from the banana seats to wheels and rims. People who aren’t in the Pittsburgh area can take a “virtual tour” by clicking on the very first photograph in the center of their website. It’s as if you’re actually walking through their gallery, garage, storage room, maintenance shop, etc. Bicycle Heaven has been named the World’s Largest Bicycle Shop by the Associated Press and New York Times.

Bicycle Heaven Pittsburgh

The company, Bicycle Heaven was established in the mid-1990’s when Craig Morrow discovered in the trash. To this day, it is a place in which consumers can trade in bicycles, purchase new ones or have repairs done. Repairing and selling bicycles is Morrow’s passion, and the Museum was established after years of collecting the antiques. Some of the bicycles have been featured in movies such as A Beautiful Mind and Super 8.

Bicycle Heaven Pittsburgh

Carnegie Museum of Natural History

The Carnegie Museum of Natural History exists with a mission to communicate the interdependence of humanity and nature. Their scientists travel internationally and bring back any new discoveries to be put on display. This further enhances the fields of biology and ecology as well as the public education. They have exhibits of everything from the Quartz Crystalline to dinosaur fossils. The Carnegie Museum of Natural History also seeks to educate children. It offers many opportunities for school field trips, birthday parties, and even sleepovers.

Carnegie Museum of Natural History Pittsburgh

Andy Warhol Museum

Andy Warhol (1928-1987) was an American artist who led the modern art movement called Pop art. His work focused mainly on the celebrity culture and advertising of the 1960’s. The Andy Warhol Museum aims to preserve Andy Warhol’s legacy by displaying the collection of his art. Some of his mother, Julia Warhol’s, drawings are also included in the collection. The total collection includes thousands of Warhol’s paintings, prints, photographs, and sculptures. It also includes some media material that was found in his estate after his passing.

Andy Warhol Museum Pittsburgh

Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh

The Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh is a hands-on museum in which children can take time out from their usual routine and hammer a nail or ink a silkscreen. It was named one of the Top 15 Museums for Children in 2015 by Parents Magazine. Its building is connected by two historic buildings, the Buhl Building and the Allegheny Post Office Building. Its center building is monitored by Ned Kahn’s shimmering wind sculpture. In 2006, it became certified by Silver LEED and had been honored by the National Historic Preservation Trust and American Institute for Architects.

Children's Museum of Pittsburgh

Photo Antiques Museum of Photographic History

As its name suggests, the Photo Antiques Museum seeks to promote the education of the history of photography. The whole museum aims to give off a vibe of having stepped into the Victorian period. To add to the ambiance, it always features music from that time. Their collection includes some of the earliest cameras and photographs. Being a museum that promotes the appreciation of all photography, they also include present-day digital photography.

Photo Antiquities Museum of Photographic History Pittsburgh

While this is just a small description of four of the amazing museums in the Pittsburgh area, you can probably see that Pittsburgh has a museum for just about everyone! Travel to the museum nearest you in a vehicle from Dean Honda today!