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Sugary Drinks that Have More Sugar Than a Cola

Sugary Drinks Pittsburgh
Many people in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area love cola and other "soda-pop" types of beverages. Cola does tend to have a lot of sugar in it. However, many people do not know that there are tons of drinks that have more sugar than cola. Below are just three of the... [read more]

These Are the Best Coffee Shops in Pittsburgh

Best Coffee
If there is one thing that makes the cold months a little more bearable, it’s being able to get warm with a hot drink. That drink needs to not only be good, but it needs to exceed your expectations to make being so cold worth it. Pittsburgh has some great... [read more]

Warm Up with Our Favorite Coffee Shops

Hot Coffee in a cup
Get a break from the chilly weather in Pittsburgh by visiting one of the many coffee shops in the city. Whether you are interested in getting a hot drink at a popular chain or a local coffee shop, you will have plenty of options. There are coffeehouses spread throughout the city,... [read more]