Celebrate Your St. Patrick’s Day Pride in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh St Patrick's Day Parade
If you are looking for a way to celebrate your Saint Patrick's Day pride in or around Pennsylvania this year the Pittsburgh St Patrick's Day Parade is a great option. For many decades Pittsburgh has offered one of the best Saint Patrick's Day parades around. Not only are there a...[read more]

Celebrate National Puppy Day by Adopting a Pet!

Adopt a Pet National Puppy Day Pittsburgh
Celebrate your furry friends on March 23rd for National Puppy Day! Of course, this means you can adopt furry friends of any age to celebrate the day! National Puppy Day was founded in 2006, just for dogs and their owners to show their importance. Puppies and dogs are loyal and provide...[read more]

Meet Your Friends for Coffee at Caffe d’Amore

friends having coffee in cafe
Life gets in the way of spending time with friends. Whether you are busy taking care of your kids or you a demanding job, it is easy to let important friendships slip away. Get your friendships back on track by meeting your pals for coffee at Caffe D’Amore. As one...[read more]

Upcoming Performances at Benedum Center

Benedum Center in Pittsburgh
The Benedum Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is a theater and a place for concerts. It was built in 1928 and first known as The Stanley Theater. Once it was renovated, it was reopened in 1987 as the Benedum Center. They are able to seat 2,800 people and put on all...[read more]

Where to find the perfect cup of coffee in Pittsburgh

Best Coffee in Pittsburgh
Where's the best places for coffee in Pittsburgh? Let's explore. There's so much variety with Coffee today. You'll experience regular coffee, iced coffees or frappucinos, maybe you prefer espresso or cappuccino. No matter what your tastes there's no doubt you'll discover your favorite place. Zeke's Coffee Zeke's is the place for just...[read more]

Check Out These Local Pittsburgh Attractions!

parents and children playing together outdoors
There are plenty of available opportunities to have fun with your family in Pittsburgh! No matter what type of event you and your children are looking for, you are sure to find numerous options here. Amazing Butterflies Amazing Butterflies allows you to experience what life would be like as this beautiful insect,...[read more]

Take The Stress Out Of Taxes With Free Tax Preparation Day

Free Tax Preparation Day
Tax season can be one of the most stressful times of the year for people who do not have the resources to have their taxes done professionally. Those who cannot use a computer tax program due to eyesight or lack of knowledge often feel they are missing out on advantages...[read more]

Amazing Teams to Cheer on in Pittsburgh!

Pittsburgh Steelers Football
Pittsburgh has hosted different sports and games for years since the American civil war era. The very first professional football game played was hosted in the city in 1892. It has also hosted games like baseball and hockey. In 1970’s, Pittsburgh was referred to as the city of champions having...[read more]

Did You Know: History of Hockey

History of Hockey Pittsburgh
The game of hockey is a full contact sport that has enjoyed a great amount of success over the years. The game uses two teams of six, one goalie and five skaters that both have sticks and the object is to shoot the rubberized puck into the other team’s net....[read more]

These Are the Best Coffee Shops in Pittsburgh

Best Coffee
If there is one thing that makes the cold months a little more bearable, it’s being able to get warm with a hot drink. That drink needs to not only be good, but it needs to exceed your expectations to make being so cold worth it. Pittsburgh has some great...[read more]