Celebrate National Puppy Day by Adopting a Pet!

Adopt a Pet National Puppy Day Pittsburgh

Celebrate your furry friends on March 23rd for National Puppy Day! Of course, this means you can adopt furry friends of any age to celebrate the day! National Puppy Day was founded in 2006, just for dogs and their owners to show their importance. Puppies and dogs are loyal and provide great companionship. Donating to local shelters or adoption provide great ways to celebrate and help out. Luckily, there are some great places in and around Pittsburgh to find your new friend!

Western Pennsylvania Humane Society

One of the best ways to adopt your next pet is to head out to your local Humane Society.  Adoption center truly want the best for their pets, so they will help you choose the perfect pet just for you. Adoption counselors or trained volunteers provide introductions to our animals in a private area. You’ll learn about their history, needs, and behaviors. Also, the staff shares personal experiences they have had with the pet. Once you’ve met the perfect pet for you, the adoption process begins. Exciting! You’ll fill out some paperwork and talk about medical history. About thirty minutes later, your new puppy or dog is ready to go home.

Adopt a Pet National Puppy Day Pittsburgh

Animal Advocates

Created in 1984, Animal Advocates consists of all volunteers. This non-profit is located in Pittsburgh, and provide homes for rescued animals, dogs and cats. The animals here come from families who drop them off, are brought in due to special needs, or come from other shelters. Stop in and choose the right pet for you. You will find adoption costs that are fair and that a great home has been provided for a dog or puppy while they were waiting to meet you!

Adopt a Pet National Puppy Day Pittsburgh

Animal Friends

Animal Friends Inc does not only provide adoption services. You’ll also find events, classes, training seminars, low-cost vaccine clinics, and many ways to get involved. For those who love animals, be sure to stop into Animal Friends. Volunteer to help, adopt or foster a puppy, dog or another animal. You’ll receive so much in return! There’s so much to benefit from when adopting a pet.

Adopt a Pet National Puppy Day Pittsburgh

Animal Rescue League Shelter & Wildlife Center

At Pittsburgh’s Animal Rescue League Shelter & Wildlife Center you can adopt, donate or volunteer. Perhaps you’d like to do all three. There’s so much to experience here from pet adoption to wildlife rescue. There is even vet care available for pets and wildlife. Check out the newly expanded adoption and education programs that benefit pets and people. Once you stop in and see what’s available for yourself, you’ll be happy you did.

A pet adoption offers love and loyalty, and it provides a great home for an animal. Celebrate National Puppy Day this month and adopt a pet today. Afterward, travel to Dean Honda to find the perfect ride for you and your new furry friend.