Like Trivia or Bingo? Try These Local Spots

Bingo and Trivia

Trivia and bingo are American pastimes. Any given day of the week, you will find people huddled together to play these fun games. You don’t have to invite people over to your house for a round of trivia or a game of bingo. Go to one of these local spots for a game with your friends.

Radical Trivia at Various Establishments

Pittsburgh Magazine voted Radical Trivia the best trivia show for 2016 and 2017, so you definitely want to check it out. It takes place five days a week at various locations throughout Pittsburgh.

The schedule is:

Radical Trivia has different themes, so there is always something fun and exciting going on. The company has held lyrics nights as well as Game of Thrones Trivia. The themes are always fun, and there is a lot of humor involved. To sum it up in a word, it’s radical. It’s different from any other trivia you’ve ever attended, so you need to get in on this action.

Bingo the Wild or Traditional Way

Enjoy Bingo with a twist at the Spirit Lodge. It’s not just bingo when you play here. It’s Bingo Bango. This isn’t your grandmother’s bingo game. It’s not meant for the kiddos, but it is crazy fun. It’s worth winning too since prizes include pizza and drinks. Bingo is available here on Sundays, so get ready for some bangin’ fun.

If you prefer a more traditional game of bingo, head to the Sokol Club. The club hosts bingo every Sunday and Tuesday, and prizes are awarded to the winners. This is much more laid-back, and it’s a nice way to spend an afternoon or evening.

You can also spend some time at Dean Honda in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania if you’re looking for something to do. You won’t find bingo daubers here, but you can go home with a new or pre-owned Honda. That’ll actually feel like quite the prize. Our team knows everything there is to know about these vehicles, and we can answer all of your questions. Stop by, let us know what you’re in the market for, and take one out for a spin. It’ll be love at first drive when you slide behind the wheel of a Honda.