Where to find the perfect cup of coffee in Pittsburgh

Best Coffee in Pittsburgh

Where’s the best places for coffee in Pittsburgh? Let’s explore. There’s so much variety with Coffee today. You’ll experience regular coffee, iced coffees or frappucinos, maybe you prefer espresso or cappuccino. No matter what your tastes there’s no doubt you’ll discover your favorite place.

Zeke’s Coffee

Zeke’s is the place for just coffee without all the fancy foam or flavors. The owner roasts the beans and serves only the freshest cups of coffee. Don’t forget pastries, made by the owners’ wife. Choose from scones and muffins, perhaps quiche or breakfast sandwich sound tasty. No matter what the choice there’s a cup of coffee to perfectly compliment your meal.

21st Street Coffee and Tea

Check out 21st Street Coffee & Tea for the best cold-brewed style coffee. You’ll be glad you did. This type of coffee’s brewed for about twelve hours using only room temperature water. The grounds aren’t heated creating sweeter flavors. This cafe adds some carbonation for that refreshing feeling.

Square Café

Try some heat combined with sweet. At Square Cafe, they blend coffee, cream, and cayenne. This coffee’s what you need to wake up your senses. It won’t disappoint. However, it’s not for those who can’t handle the heat. Are you up for the challenge?

Espresso a Mano

Want the best latte? Then don’t go any further than Espresso a Mano. This is coffee made by hand. They somehow achieve the perfect amount of milk without masking flavors. Ensuring the milk never burns provides another difficult task. Finally, serve the drink at the perfect temperature and it’s complete. Combine these three requirements together and that’s not easy to create.

Tazza d’Oro

Lastly, visit Tazza d’Oro for great coffee and a learning experience. This cafe provides cuppings. The staff shares the many ways brewing coffee creates subtle changes in flavor. You’ll discover varieties of brewing techniques and the differences with each one.

Stop into one or all five, especially for variety. Maybe just because you’re in the mood for something different. It doesn’t hurt to try something new. The chances are you’ll enjoy it.