Explore These Exhibits at the Carnegie Science Center

Carnegie Science Center Pittsburgh

If you are looking for a day of fun and excitement, bring the family to the Carnegie Science Center, and you will not be disappointed. Located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the Carnegie Science Center can change any dull day at home into a day of new and fascinating discoveries. Be sure to stop by some of the most popular exhibits.


SpacePlace is the closest thing you will get to space in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with its two-story replica of an international space station. This life-sized walk-in model is equipped with climbing gear to experience the feeling of lack of gravity among other things to giving the sense of life in space.

Carnegie Science Center SpacePlace Pittsburgh

Exploration Station

Learn about the forces of energy and nature at the Exploration Station. You can generate electricity at the Power Station, compete with friends with our Solar Racers, or sit down at the Earthquake Cafe to feel the shake.


The world’s largest permanent robotics exhibit, Roboworld, is located right here in Pittsburgh. Here, you can interact with different robots and learn how the artificial intelligence works, as well as learn all about career opportunities in robotics an ever-expanding field of study.

Carnegie Science Center Roboworld Pittsburgh


Use all the interactive and fun activities at the BodyWorks exhibit to learn all about the human body. There are so many live shows and demonstrations featured here. At this exhibit, you will have a chance to see what your organs and bones look like as well as how they work.

USS Requin Submarine

Immerse yourself in the USS Requin and learn all about the functions and operations of the Navy’s first radar picket submarine. Hear about how the eighty-man crew stayed on this submarine for their sometimes long missions for science or defense. This outdoor exhibit is only open on weekdays from 10:00 am – 4:30 pm (weather & river conditions permitting).

Carnegie Science Center USS Requin Submarine Pittsburgh


Omnimax is the only dome screen in the Pittsburgh area. This massive screen makes you feel like you are a part of the action on screen and has a new movie showing each month.

With all these exhibits and much more, its easy to see that there’s never a dull day at the Carnegie Science Center. However, this is only one of four Carnegie Museums in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Get into a vehicle from Dean Honda, and stop by the science center, today!