Can You Escape the Imaginarium?

The Imaginarium - Pittsburgh, PA

The Imaginatorium in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is an immersive theater attached to an escape room in order to give off the illusion of really going through time between major events with famous inventors, artists, and magicians.

Their timeline goes in an order beginning with Tesla’s radio and ending with Houdini’s underwater escapes. The earliest signs of the controversial mystical order are believed to have begun in ancient Greece, Crete and the court of King Minos. Over the centuries, sightings of the Order were reported throughout Africa, Europe, eastern Asia, and the Americas.

Legends of the Imaginarium

Legend holds that the Order surfaced again in North America with inventor and horologist, D. Sykes who some believed to be a temporary reincarnation of Daedalus, the creator of the Minotaur’s Labyrinth and founder of the first order. Shortly after August of 1945-just before the end of WWII, no less-Sykes and even the tiniest pieces of the Imaginarium, completely disappeared. Very recently, however, there have been some sightings of Skyes reported within the Pittsburgh area.

The order was believed to have the power to completely regenerate the foundation of consciousness by a process known as decantation. Decantation was believed to siphon the psychic energy of unsuspecting subjects who were lured into the Imaginatorium by its members.

Imaginarium FAQs

Before you head to The Imaginarium, here are some facts. The Imaginarium in has no affiliation with hauntings or ghost stories. However, the rooms are highly sensory-based, which some may find confusing and disorienting. It is targeted for those who are 12 and older. You are welcome to bring a child under 12 as long as you book the entire room and he or she is accompanied by an adult at all times. If you want a private room for just you and your friends or family, you will have to purchase all 10 tickets. In the Imaginatorium, strangers often turn out to be some of the best allies.

The staff recommends allowance of about an hour and 20 minutes. Since the Imaginarium is about time travel, you’re considered to be late if you’re on time and they absolutely do not take late-comers. You will not get any refunds or exchanges, either. As a result, it’s crucial to allow probably at least an hour for traffic and parking. If you need to reschedule your booking, it’s crucial that you do so at least a week ahead of time in order to allow plenty of room for the staff to re-shelf your bookings. However, they don’t guarantee that they’ll be able to do so. They also very rarely allow for walk-in’s unless a spot is open so it’s highly recommended to purchase your tickets well ahead of time.


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