Bring Your Pup With You to These Dog Friendly Destinations

Dog Friendly

Pittsburgh does a lot to make places dog-friendly. There are many locations in the area that are pet-friendly and recognize that dog lovers like you would love to hang out with your pet as much as possible. Visit one of these locations where you and your furry friend can have a great time!

Big Dog Coffee

Bring your dog into this location to have some quality time together. This area serves great coffee along with great customer service. At Big Dog Coffee, you can discover what your dog likes when it comes to hot drinks. Imagine that! You and your dog will never be closer.

Square Café

Stop by this location and enjoy some great treats with your pet. They are sure to enjoy being at a place where you won’t mind sharing your food! The servers will even bring a bowl out for your dog. This is the perfect place to have a date with man’s best friend. Show them you really care at the Square Café.

Page Dairy Mart

If coffee isn’t your thing then take your dog to the Page Dairy Mart for some delicious ice cream. This place accepts dogs of all kinds, and welcomes them and their owners. Share an ice cream – your favorite flavor, or theirs. Your furry friend will thank you when you take them out for a tasty treat at the Page Dairy Mart.

Take Your dog to These Dog-Friendly Destinations!

We’re sure that your dog wants to spend time with you – and you should be able to go out to businesses that welcome them. Take them out to these areas! They will appreciate it, for sure.


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