Delicious Pittsburgh Breakfast Places

Breakfast foods and drinks

Pittsburgh is known for having some delicious hole-in-the-wall breakfast spots. These spots have the best food you can find in the city, if not the state. The next time your stomach is growling for some tasty breakfast food, pack your family in the car and head to one of these spots.

Nadine’s Bar and Restaurant

You can’t go wrong with a trip to Nadine’s Bar and Restaurant. This restaurant is part dive bar, part diner. Start your meal off with a Bloody Mary or mimosa and then dive into some tasty food, such as omelets and French toast. You will love the breakfast so much that you might come back for lunch. You’ll be happy to know that lunch is just as good.

Mullin’s Diner

Mullin’s Diner is another top spot for breakfast. This restaurant has a bar-like feel, and you can even order a beer to go with your eggs. That’s probably because the place used to be a bar, before it was destroyed by a flood. It reopened as a diner that features all of the breakfast items you expect when you go out. Plus, the prices are great, so be sure to visit this North Side restaurant.

Don’s Diner

Do you want to know a secret? Don’s Diner is one of the best places you’ve never heard of before. This restaurant has been around since 1995, but it’s still one of the best-kept secrets around. It is known for the Wet Judy. This breakfast sandwich has meat, hash browns, cheese, and eggs. It is delicious and huge.


Eggs are a big part of breakfast, so it makes sense to eat at Eggs-R-Us. This restaurant goes through around 550 eggs a day. That’s partially because it does a lot of business, and partially because it gives huge portions. Take your leftovers home and you can have breakfast again the next day. The restaurant is full of regulars, so come by often and you will get to know the crew.

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