Pittsburg CLO: Miss Abigail’s Guide to Dating, Mating, & Marriage

theatre red curtain and stage for dating mating and marriage performance

The Pittsburgh CLO Cabaret’s performance of Miss Abigail’s Guide to Dating, Mating, and Marriage, starring Miss Abigail (played by Paige Davis from TLC’s Trading Spaces) is running through August 13th, 2017 and is a must see. Miss Abigail is like a cross between Dr. Ruth and Emily Post with a heavy dose of humor. If you’re in need of dating insight, or if you’re ready for a good laugh, stop by the show and listen to the wise and witty advice of Miss Abigail! Just make sure that you’re ready to laugh!

About the Dating, Mating, and Marriage Show

As you can probably guess, Abigail is the master of dating and relationship advice. She takes you back to the times gone by before you had to swipe left or right to land a date, or hit up the speed dating scene in the hopes of reeling in a great catch. Abigail will tell it to you straight. This way, you know exactly what you need to do to win in the world of dating, marriage, and mating.

She might get top billing, but the true star of the show is her assistant Paco (played by Javier Manente). Think of him as Kenneth from 30 Rock. You know, really sweet, loyal, efficient, and a bright bulb wherever he goes. This character is a blast of happy energy! Of course, that happy energy is holding onto a secret. He really likes Abigail. Like “like likes” her. He is secretly smitten, and she is none the wiser. Sure, Abigail is a pro when it comes to doling out the advice, but she can’t seem to find love when it’s right under her nose.

Audience participation is a must for this show to work, so bring your questions with you. You might even get called on stage to ask them or work on the art of flirting with other audience members. Take a few days to hone your sideways glances and your half smiles before you go so that you will be on your A game. Who knows? You might land a new date out of the experience! But even if you don’t walk away with that special someone, you will still have a ton of fun.

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