Why We Celebrate National Donut Day here in the U.S?

Variety of colorful donuts for National Donut Day

From Homer Simpson to Barny Miller to everyone who has ever had to deal with an early Monday morning business meeting, there’s one thing that just about everyone can agree on; donuts are without a doubt one of the best foods ever created. Many might even say that it’s a food that is worthy of its own holiday – just to celebrate its greatness! Well, the funny thing is that there is already a holiday that is all about donuts, National Donut Day. If you haven’t celebrated this fun holiday yet, be sure to join in on the celebration this year on June 2nd!

A Way to Honor Those Who Served

National Donut Day commemorates the great donut event, which was put on by the Salvation Army in 1938. This was a way to help those in need during The Great Depression. Additionally, the holiday was used to honor those who worked in the “huts” or canteen social centers during the first World War. The huts were manned by female volunteers of the Salvation Army known as “lassies”. These women would act as “mothers” to the soldiers. They provided them with items such as stamps, clothes mending, a kind word or a sympathetic ear, sage advice, and of course an assortment of baked goods to help them feel at home.

Donuts Bridge Generations

The tradition continued in the second World War. The Red Cross began distrusting donuts as a “taste of home” to soldiers in relief camps and hospitals. The women who offered the sweet treats to the injured and infirmed were referred to as “Donut Dollies”. However, they were often there to provide more than delectable baked goods. These women were also able to provide simple comforts and a reassuring word when needed to the men who were serving during the war.

National Donut Day is A Great Way to Give Back

As the years progressed, the popularity of the donut as the ultimate treat/comfort food grew. Today, National Donut Day is a way to think back on the history of the country’s most popular baked good. This holiday is also used to give back. Now celebrated on the first Friday of every June, National Donut Day is often marketed by donut shops. They typically give out free donuts! Some also offer a portion of the day’s sales revenue to charities, such as the Salvation Army and the Red Cross.

National Donut Day is a great way to not only enjoy a sweet treat for yourself, but to do something sweet for someone else as well. This year, why not give back by grabbing a couple of donuts? Another great idea is to take a dozen to work and share the story of National Donut Day with those who may not know about it. You can also make a donation of time, money, or usable goods. The celebratory possibilities are endless!

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