2017 Feed More Festival Will Rock Out for Hunger

Musician playing on acoustic guitar

Good music feeds the soul. When you fire up your favorite tunes, it is likely something inside of you gets fulfilled. With the 2017 Feed More Festival, you can feed more than your soul. You can help the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank provide much-needed nutrition to people in need. A portion of the festival’s vendor sales will go directly to the food bank, so go out, listen to music, spend some money, and help others.

The Lineup:

Some of the best indie bands and musicians will take the stage on June 10th starting at 2 p.m. If you aren’t familiar with the local or indie music scene, this is the place to go to check it out.

The Naked and Famous

The Naked and Famous just might be the most famous band to hit the festival. With three studio albums under its belt, this New Zealand indie band has risen in popularity over the years. Its music isn’t just piped through indie radio stations and headphones around the world, either. If you watch TV (and who doesn’t?) you have probably heard a tune or two. The band’s music has been on shows like The Almighty Johnsons and the Vampire Diaries.

Max Frost

If you prefer the singer-songwriter vibe, Max Frost will be on hand to croon some of his hottest tunes. The singer/songwriter/producer/instrumentalist hails from Austin, but don’t expect him to come out singing songs like “All My Exes Live in Texas”. This might be unusual for the Texas musicians, but his biggest influences are the Beatles and Frank Sinatra. Plus, he loves hip-hop, and you can detect a hip-hop vibe in his music. In other words, don’t expect a cowboy hat and boots when he takes the stage. You won’t forget you’re in Pennsylvania when he moves through his songs.


Do you prefer the local music scene? If so, Donora will be there to satisfy your ear buds. The band is straight out of Pittsburgh and hit the scene with a bang when it made to the semifinals in a contest sponsored by Verizon Wireless and Myspace. Like The Naked and Famous, Donora has also made its television debut. It’s a darling of the MTV-series scene, with its songs on shows like Teen Wolf and Cribs. This might be your last time to see the local band before it hits the super big time, so get your tickets.

This is just a sample of the bands that will be at the concert. Expect to enjoy a full day of musical fun. Get your tickets to this event before it’s too late!

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